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Equine Services

We pride ourselves in the attention to detail in every aspect of our services.  Contact us today to set up a meeting to go over your specific equine service needs.


Breeding services are provided by attending veterinarian Jeremy Mitchell, DVM. Farm manager, Chris Barakis, is a Colorado State University certified breeding technician. We have a state-of-the-art breeding lab and collection room, with up to the date equipment. We consistently have a high conception rate of over 90%.



We have four roomy foaling stalls on the farm. All mares are foaled on high quality wheat straw, and a staff member is in attendance. All foaling mares are equipped with a Foal-A-Lert system, with camera surveillance in each stall. We have foaled hundreds of mares throughout the years, and are mindful of the fact that you are entrusting your investment to us.



For over 30 years we have provided professional representation for our clients at these major sales: Ruidoso Select Yearling sale, all Heritage Place sales and the TQHA Yearling sale. We have sold several yearlings for over $100,000 throughout the years. We know how to do a good job for our clients at the big sales and are committed to do so. Please consider us to represent your sale horses at consignment time.



We provide year-a-round boarding for our clients in our roomy pastures and/or paddocks. Highest quality grain and hay is provided twice daily, as well as daily observation. De-worming and vaccinations are given as needed. Mares, yearlings, and weanlings are provided with the utmost care to ensure that your investment is protected.



As a service to clients, we provide care for horses needing a rest from the racetrack or other performance events. This could range from only a few days to a few months. The same quality care is provided for temporary horses as for our own horses.



With our many years in the horse business, and level of success that we have been fortunate enough to attain, we feel that we are qualified to assist our clients with decisions concerning stallion selection, broodmare purchases and matings, yearling selection, conformation advise, and health maintenance advice. We are eager to answer all questions and concerns about the horse business. If we don't know the answer, we will make every effort to assist you in getting the correct answer. WE WANT YOU TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN THE HORSE BUSINESS.

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